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The Definitive Guide to Emerging Currencies Now Available

By on April 3, 2013
Emerging Market Currency Book

I am excited to announce that my newest book, The Definitive Guide to Emerging Market Currencies, is now available for sale in both print and ebook edition on Amazon. For those looking to invest in emerging market currencies, this book is great starting point that highlights the key differences in trading emerging market currencies versus major currency pairs. In addition, I provide fundamental outlooks for the most traded and free flowing currencies within the emerging economies to provide economic context to how these currencies currently perform along with historical drivers.

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About The Definitive Guide to Emerging Market Currencies:

With central banks around the world devaluing major currencies such as the US dollar, Japanese Yen, and the euro, opportunities for higher returns are available through investing in emerging market currencies. Investing in exotic currencies such as the Chinese renminbi or Brazilian real may seem complicated, but with the help of this book we make it more accessible to investors of all sizes.

The Definitive Guide to Emerging Market Currencies covers the macroeconomic underpinnings foreign currency markets, the fundamental factors that define the future strengthening of currencies in emerging markets, and how to trade these currencies. The book also goes into detail on the economic fundamentals of every significantly liquid emerging market currency along with an investing outlook for each one.

For those looking to make money trading emerging market FOREX, or are just curious about emerging market currencies, this book is the best place to start. Even stock market investors benefit from learning about these FOREX markets because currency fluctuations have a huge impact on investors’ total returns in any foreign country.


About Nicholas Pardini

Nicholas Pardini is founder of Emerging Market Insider and the managing partner of the Singapore based equity long/short fund Nomadic Capital Partners. The fund specializes in emerging market equities. He graduated from UC Santa Barbara with an economics degree in three years. Before launching Nomadic Capital Partners in January of 2011, he worked as a proprietary trader and attended a Masters in Finance program at Villanova. His investment specialty is in top down macro based fundamental analysis of equities and the global economy. Nicholas publishes portions of Nomadic's research here on Emerging Market Insider. His analysis has been mentioned on prominent media outlets such as USA Today, NHK Japan, CBS News, CNBC.com, Seeking Alpha, and ZeroHedge

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